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Penny Stocks that trade on Robinhood

Penny stocks on Robinhood


Penny stocks are tiny market-caps having low prices and are extremely volatile in nature. These stocks are not listed on the major stock exchanges of NASDAQ or NYSE and are traded on Over-The-Counter Bulletin board or pink sheets. This is the reason that Robinhood doesn’t promote these stocks. Most of the penny stocks on these platforms are prone to get scams and other related issues.

It is important for the investors to find out the low-priced stocks on Robinhood as it will give only the list of the stocks having price lower than $5 value. The penny stock lists will include the low-priced stocks from major stock exchanges. These are relatively more secure than the penny stocks on the OTCBB or pink sheets. Most of the penny stocks in {state} can be bought by people all over the world.

Penny Stock Selection on Robinhood is limited

Robinhood forbids the OTC stock trading and it will give options from NASDAQ or NYSE stocks priced under $1.00 value. The stocks could be purchased on the basis of the status held by the companies. There are some companies waiting for some approvals or depend on natural resources.

All three of these categories are potentially problematic for investors. On the contrary, actual penny stocks that trade on the OTC market start out with ultra-low penny priced stocks because they are small companies, typically with revenues of less than $10 million annually. By going public on the OTC market, these small companies can raise capital and, hopefully, grow and eventually qualify to be listed on the major NYSE or NASDAQ exchanges.

There are many tools available online through which you can view the scope of the stocks. The broker you’re choosing for your transactions needs to be highly competent in all the aspects. Robinhood penny stock lists can only give you the stock symbols and names floated by the people on the web. However, it is required to make the appropriate move by analyzing the stocks of your choice and then making the fair decision for following them.

Some people consider marijuana stocks as penny stocks. Not all marijuana stocks are penny stocks though. Canada just legalized weed and most of those stocks are trading on Nasdaq.

How to buy penny stocks?

Robinhood penny stock traders will get the listing of all the penny stocks under $1 and those will be on the major stock exchanges. There could be a few stocks from the other platforms as well but Robinhood mostly gives a listing of the stocks from the appropriate sources. Robinhood policy is very restrictive and the marijuana stocks, blockchain stocks or the hot penny stocks on the other listings wouldn’t come under it.

Precisely, the stocks supported by Robinhood are the ones that have a lower probability for scams. Buying the stock listed on reputable stock exchanges is much better than owning the stock positioned on the pink sheets or OTCBB. If you think that you can trade Robinhood penny stocks without giving a second thought, it would be important to consider the potential risks associated with the purchase under $1 value. The stocks are low in price due to a particular reason. Once the companies are delisted from the major stock exchanges, it would have no spot rather than going on for OTC board.

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